my artwork keke
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so these are my artwork :) I stole my sis' job exactly >_< , she said this to me.

It's all about PT3,no treble :P + the picture
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CONGRATULATIONS FOR THOSE WHO GET STRAIGHT A'S IN THEIR PT3 !!!! It's worth your hardwork all this time...AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT GETTING STRAIGHT A'S....keep it up,your time will come and time to shine your way because PT3 is nothing to you from now.GUYS,SPM !!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!! (TAHUN DEPAN AKU SPM HAHAHAAH !!! #NERVOUSGILER. PT3 is ONLY using for studying further to mrsm or high-performing schools (mostly sbp) when you're in form 4 if you got the best result.I've had 6A 3B 1D in PT3 last year (tu pun lepas semak semula,asalnya 4A 5B 1D).Aku pernah berhasrat nak pi mrsm pc kat kelate tapi x tercapai hasrat tersebut...Menyesal x sudah la sbb result x elok,nak lagi menyesal bff aku dapat pi manakala aku x boleh pi #tragis #nangisxberlagu T_T tapi dia kdg2 ada contact,aku ja yang x DAN nak balas (Imma good friend okay :p)Dok sekolah biasa pun apa kurangnya,I told you it's better than being NEW student.Tapi dgn ketiadaan bff di sampingku,aku a little bit lonely.Aku bkn jenis yg friendly ngan org lain ,malahan,org yg baru pindah kat kelas aku pun aku x tegur sngt.Tegur cenggitu je la.Tapi Alhamdulillah,ada org nak kwn ngan aku walaupun aku ni....hampa tau la kan,so I can move on.

Tadi aku ada check wasap aku kat henpon mak aku (al maklumla,henpon aku haprak lagi bengong lagi bengang tu x leh nak download satu app pun) Aku x mcm hampa,ada iphone,samsung,lenovo (I secretly like this phone) Okay berbalik kpd crita, aku check wasap group aku,aku scroll la ke atas nak tengok conversation depa tu cause aku x dan nak buka & mmg aq malas.Depa ckp pasal PT3,it doesn't matter but aku mcm "what the hell" ja bila aku scroll conversation itu.Sbb depa mengembalikan nostalgia pt3 2014 lpas tu banding ngan thn ni punya result.DOH PT3 IS YOUR PAST SO FORGET IT AND LOOK FORWARD FOR SPM TAHUN DEPAN.THE PAST IS THE PAST.SPM 2016 x tau nak jadi apa,ntah bnyk soalan kbat ,RESULT PUN X TENTU HALA (tuan punya blog pun pandai cakap kat org padahal x baca buku pun kekeke)

Time to cuci mata anda with this picture...

They're cool,right ? I know,I'm kinda directioner now....i'm most likely to hear the western songs than the asian's like korean music.That's all for today.BYE.

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It's hazy outside,

Hazy environment,

Hazy culture,

Hazy altitude,

Everything's hazy,

I can't see,

The fresh and clean one,

I'm sorry,

'Cause my sight is also hazy.
Loving for english novel
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Lately,my love for english novel is gaining to the sky.I find it interesting to read it cause their genre.Young-adult dystopian novel and kind of it.Like The Maze Runner,Divergent,The Hunger Games and others.

P.S : Picture is just being s*** 
4 S.T & Insurgent-thing
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My life is fair enough,but, sometimes,it was unfair...kekeke and it's okay.I can live with it.

This is my class' picture for 2015.....omg my face is so......

This is 4ST 2015.Aku yang pakai baju kuning yg duduk atas kerusi.....lelaki keliling pinggang :p tapi ada yg x dak dlm gmbq ni,x silap aku 4 org kot...
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SEONMUL !! I was grateful that I could be your member club !!! Sorry for late update post, I'm hiatus from update post on the blog about a year...Right now, i'm preparing for my PT3 examination,wish me luck, for kpopper and other people who are preparing for PT3 right now,good luck for you all.

행운을 빌어 요 !!! 최선을 ! 
( good luck !!! do your best !)
The Broken Friendship
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The real friendship,

That's I want,

Year by year pass by,

The fake one is coming,

I miss the old you,

You have changed,

You ignore me,I ignore you,

And now we become stranger,

I just can't let you go,

I want to cry right now,

Crying so hard,

But I must accept the truth,

You are being another people,

I can't recognize who you are,

Goodbye,my best friend,

Thank you for becoming my BFF for once.

#made by myself, based on my experience

Feeling giler !!! but it's hurtful when remember the memories...#serious 


The Year of 2014 , The Year of PT3 ('99)
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P....T....3 (Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3) is launched at this year at the month of JUNE....  PMR 2014 is not exist anymore in my dictionary...(but I really hope that PMR to make a comeback T_T ) PT3 + PBS = Pressure Overload !!! 13/10/2014 will be the day of the real examinations and it will be continue for 3 days more ... I want to finish it fast then have the freedom w/o the books in my hands !! That time I can do what I can't do before the exam... 

PT3 - Only 6 subjects that have the written paper (it will hold on this month, 13.10.14 - 17.10.14) :-
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Bahasa Inggeris 
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Pendidikan Islam ( For Muslims)
  • Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu - KT,ERT,PK dan Pertanian
  • All of Elective Language (only for the students who take the appropiate language)
# PBS is also tested before the real exam (the subject at above include Sejarah  Geografi,PJK and Pend.Sivik)
Sejarah and Geografi which had tested on PMR until 2013,have become the projectwork to do for two weeks (it was held on July 2014 - the beginning of the busy-ness)
# There are also have the listening and oral test for Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Inggeris. (it was held on August 2014)


SEGMEN : Free Doodle To Me!
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Nama : Adila
colour : Purple

freedom time!!!!!
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habis priksa 21/10,buat entry 31/10 #sbb ada pnyakit malas nak buat entry# hehehehehehe...

krja masa 'freedom time' yg slalu kita buat:
~bukak fb OR twitter [klu adala]
~dngr lagu kuat2*kna guna headphonela,takut ganggu org dok buat krja*
~dok brmain handset *phm2 je la*
~download lagu
~cari lagu baru
~edit blog/buat header/buat blog
~makan maggi.klu pkna maggi tomyam ney,best pa.
~br'chatting' ngan kwn lama.

A True Friend ______> MY FIRST QUOTE
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 klu x dak gmbq x pa dak....________> malazla -_-..

a true friend

(a)ccepts you as you are
(b)elieves in you
(c)alls you just to say 'HI'
(d)oesn't give up on you
(e)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
(f)orgives your mistakes
(g)ives unconditionally
(h)elps you
(i)ntives you over
(j)ust be with you
(k)eeps you close at heart
(l)oves you for who you are
(m)akes a difference in your life
(n)ever judges
(o)ffer support
(p)icks you up
(q)uiets your fears
(r)aises your spirits
(s)ays nice things about you
(t)ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(u)nderstands you
(v)alues you
(w)alks beside you
(x)-plains thing you don't understand
(y)ells when you won't listen
(z)aps you back to reality

just copy&paste hehehehe..x tau dr web mana

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